Hi, I’m Janine


I am Autistic. This gives me extra knowledge of growing up on the spectrum and gives me a different perspective compared to most coaches. I am also a licensed Psychologist, BCBA-D, and Parent coach. I have over 12 years in the field of working with caregivers and children with Autism. I’ve worked in public schools, residential schools for autism and neurological disorders,  consulted with teachers, and have my own private practice. Every one of these jobs has helped me learn more about helping parents and seeing where problems could occur.

I help parents connect with their child/children. I teach strategies to communicate and build positive interactions so they can have a fulfilling parent-child relationship. 

I am obsessed with helping parents and caregivers learn to understand their children and know what to do in challenging situations. I think all parents deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life with their children no matter the circumstances.

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